Richard W. – Client

I first met SoBrina when she was just a little tyke, running around the legs of her people parents.  I used to stop by to visit and take her “out” during lunch and each time she greeted me with a tail that almost wagged her body off (she was that happy to see me, I’m sure!) and we had a chance to play and get acquainted.  That was a few years ago.

Two years ago I had a stroke and couldn’t get out as often as I would have liked so young Miss SoBrina’s people mom brought her over to visit.  She is the most calming presence I’ve ever known.  As I sit and visit with her ‘mom’ Chandra, little SoBrina just lays her chin and paws across my lap the whole time.  I can tell she is wishing me “to be better, and everything will be OK.”  It is a great feeling to be loved by a dog that I have also loved a lot through the years.

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