About Us

Chandra Laird


I grew up in Salem, OR then attended college at Oregon State University where I received a bachelor’s of science degree in Psychology.  After college graduation I moved to Philadelphia, PA.

It was in Philadelphia where my healthcare career began as I found my first post-graduation employment doing mental health care coordination.  My employment background over the past seventeen years includes being a clinical care coordinator assisting to connect individuals to outpatient treatment after inpatient psychiatric hospitalizations, working in a crisis center doing assessments on individuals needing various mental health treatments, doing street outreach in an attempt to reconnect clients to medical and mental health treatment, working for a health insurance company assisting Medicare members with benefit and coverage questions as well as working with seniors in an assisted living community to ensure their day to day needs were met.

I have lived in Beaverton, OR for the past twelve years.  The Great Northwest is a beautiful place to live and I look forward to assisting other families’ loved ones with an animal visitation service that can add additional meaning and value to an individual’s life.



SoBrina has completed many months of dog training and has received her Canine Good Citizen Certificate from the Kennel Club of America.  She has also successfully completed testing and is registered as therapy dog through Pet Partners.

 SoBrina is said to be a long haired Chihuahua/ Dachshund mix.  She is approximately 6 years old; however, thinks of herself as a spry puppy.  She is very playful when at home with her siblings Roxie (my Grandmother’s Dachshund) and Penelope (the family cat).  Roxie and Penelope are about 14 years old and both are able to hold their own with their younger sister.  SoBrina is also a very loving “furry child” who can be found sitting in someone’s lap or just snuggling in general.

SoBrina came from a shelter outside of Los Angeles where she was picked up after being found wandering the streets.  It was through a friend I was introduced to a fostering group here in Portland who helps rescue dogs from shelters with extremely high kill rates in California.  The group has a contact in the Los Angeles area who goes into local shelters to determine which dogs are best suited for adoption.  This is done by completing behavioral testing on the animal.  Once a dog passes the screening process they are pulled from the shelter and boarded until they can be driven up to Oregon, where they are then taken to their temporary foster placement.  The dogs are then groomed, taken to a veterinarian and continue to be fostered until an adoption can be arranged.  I am very grateful to the Portland fostering group as SoBrina has been a fantastic addition to our family since she came to live with us 5 years ago.