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My name is Chandra Laird, founder of Canine Companion Visitation LLC (CCV).  CCV was created to provide an opportunity for seniors to have a one on one visit with a registered therapy dog for an extended period of time, which is tailored to the individual’s needs.  After an appointment has been scheduled CCV meets with the senior in their community where they are then able to spend time with a sweet and gentle registered therapy dog.

Studies and reports have shown the benefits from animal visitation can be great and can include: lowered blood pressure, reduced anxiety, increased physical activity by interacting with the therapy dog, the feeling of acceptance, emotional/ social support & comforting, reconnection to past memories and providing an activity that an individual looks forward to.

When CCV comes in to provide a visit the client benefits from the animal connection yet does not have to care for the animal on their own.  A client is able to receive the undivided attention of the therapy dog team for specific amounts of time, as well as have visits scheduled during times of the day most suitable for them.  CCV is dedicated to building a strong human/ canine bond with every client we serve and is a reliable and dependable business dedicated to enhancing the lives of seniors.