Connie M. – Niece of Client

I highly recommend the services of Chandra and SoBrina.  I have recently moved my 86 year old Aunt (with severe dementia) into a top notch assisted living facility where her basic needs for safety and food are being met.  There are activities but the favorite, by far, is the scheduled time when SoBrina and Chandra offer their love and companionship to my Aunt.  This service was given as a gift and it is truly a gift in so many ways.  I do not live nearby and I greatly appreciate the detailed reports and updates that Chandra sends as these reports provide me with consistent and useful information regarding the status of my Aunt’s well-being.  The quiet, unconditional love of a dog is such a respite for a person struggling with dementia, working to maintain their words and their dignity.  My Aunt thanks you and I thank you!

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