Amanda P. – Activity Director

Chandra and SoBrina are eagerly awaited in our facility.  SoBrina is such a beautiful dog – they should make that cross-breed on purpose.  She is very kind and gentle, the residents love a quiet visit from her.  Chandra is consistent and reliable, unassuming, and willing to help out with whatever documentation I need.  She is very independent – I can give her a list of names and room numbers, and she and SoBrina just go and make their visits, and return the list to me with documentation.   Residents, visitors and family members ask when they will be back!

It’s so wonderful to have a consistent dog visitor that I can rely on to provide therapy for our residents.  One resident in particular was not speaking pleasantly to any staff or even her family, but when SoBrina came calling she spoke gently and kindly to both SoBrina and Chandra.  What a difference a dog can make!

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